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Following in the footsteps of ‘Hannah Montana’, the ‘Wizards of Waverley Place’ is the Disney’s latest TV show to transition into a feature-length film.


On holiday to the Caribbean, the Russo family (played by the original cast members) are broken up when a spell accidentally makes the parents forget each other.  The three children (played by the likable  Selena Gomez, Jake T. Austin and David Henrie), themselves wizards in training, set out on a quest to find the ‘Stone of Dreams’ to reverse the magic. A former wizard, turned street magician named Archie is also after the stone in order to change his girlfriend back from a parrot. Serious stuff!


The perilous journey sees the young wizards traversing cliff ledges and duelling with elemental magic in an ancient arena. Being a TV movie, the special effects certainly aren’t jaw dropping, but maintains a certain charm throughout.


While I must confess to not having seen the series before, the movie does a decent job in introducing the characters to newcomers, so that you could comfortably dip further into the series if you like what you see.Thanks to the wonders of Sky+, I plan to do just that!


“The Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie” is an enchanting and light-hearted movie that will appeal to kids of all ages and premieres on the Disney Channel on Friday 23rd October at 6:25pm

Review by: Mark O'Connell

Date: 22nd October 2009

                   Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie


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