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Valentines Day

It’s that time of year again when romantics across the globe send each other cards and forgetful boyfriends conjure up bouquets from the neighbours’ garden.  With winter having one last snowy hurrah before spring returns, why not snuggle up with your loved one and a movie?  Here are some suggestions…

Love is in the air... or is that popcorn?

Friends with Benefits

Crazy, Stupid, Love


Steve Carrell plays a jilted husband who tries to get back on the dating scene with the help of Ryan Gosling. with a fantastic supporting cast including Julianne Moore and Emma Stone, this was the surprise rom-com highlight of the year. Valentines Day or not, this deserves to be in your collection!

Crazy Stupid Love

Friends With Benefits


Justin Timberlake plays Dylan Harper, an internet hotshot who is head-hunted by GQ Mag in New York. Recruited by Jamie Rellis (Mila Kunis), they both carry a lot of emotional baggage from previous relationships. Keen to avoid the mistakes and clichés depicted in rom-coms, they decide to build one based purely on the fun bit.



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Valentine's Day


An obvious choice, this. Valentine’s Day is the Ocean’s Eleven of rom-com’s, with an A-list ensemble of the hottest stars in Hollywood.  Directed by Garry Marshall (of Pretty Woman fame), it stars Julia Roberts, Jamie Foxx, Ashton Kutcher and Taylor Swift. It also recently spawned a spiritual sequel entitled 'New Years Eve'.



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Valentines Day Lady and the tramp

Lady and the Tramp


Spending Valentine's Day with the family? Then consider Disney's re-released timeless animated classic ‘Lady and the Tramp’.  


All together now... "When the moon hits your eye. Like a big-a pizza pie. That's amore!"



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Muppets Valentines Day

The Muppets


Want to have a fantastic time at the cinema on Valentine's Day? Then look no further than The Muppets! Join Kermit and the gang on their biggest adventure yet and discover if you are a muppet of a man, or a very manly muppet!




Below is a very special message from The Muppets!


The Muppets

Dentyl Active


Don't go for that trademark yawn in the back row without this breath-freshening, minty miracle. Alcohol free, it won't hurt your face, keeps your gums healthy, kills 99.9% of bacteria (a feat rivalled only by Chuck Norris) AND even highlights plaque in the sink to show its worked. We are told that the UK band 'Take That' (Stardust soundtrack) are even fans. So do your date a favour and gargle this badboy for 30 seconds a day!


Softlips Lip Balm


If all the romance from the latest Katherine Heigl flick overcomes you, and decide to make your move, treat your lips to a dash of Softlips Lip Balm first. Packed with vitamins and a sun protection factor of 20, this pocket-sized lip-magnet will make your co-star return for a sequel. Kim Kardashian reportedly loves the stuff too!

Dentyl mouthwash Soft lips lipbalm