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Torrie Wilson Interview

M (Mark): My first question… do you play many wrestling games, and what do you think of your video game likeness? T (Torrie): I don’t play very many wrestling games; I did play the last one. I have played this one. It’s always really cool for me because I know everybody and it’s fun to see who looks like, ya know, the real person. So in that aspect it’s really fun. I like to see what the finishing moves are. I saw in this game my finisher - one of my finishers is a slap and I was kinda offended by that, you know… (laughs). M: It’s quite a powerful one though! T: Yeah! M: Have you played the Bra and Panties match? T: I haven’t yet… M: You haven’t? It’s quite amusing! T: (laughs) I’m glad! M: What’s your personal favourite gimmick match that you have been involved in? T: As far as gimmick matches go…oh gosh! (laughs). There’s so many fun ones to choose from! M: There’s been quite a few! T: I know, it’s like…it’s always kinda cool to get in eggnog or something; just because I get in the spirit of Christmas. M: What new feature would you like to see added to a wrestling game? T: New feature… gosh they just added the bra and panties match. Now what are we going to have to do? M: I’m hoping for mud wrestling. T: Mud wrestling would be cool. M: Having started off as a fitness model, how did you get into wrestling? T: I started pursuing acting and I was taking a lot of acting classes and such in L.A. I went to a wrestling show with an ex boyfriend. We got backstage and Kevin Nash, one of the wrestlers, approached me because he had seen me in fitness magazines and asked me if I’d be interested in doing a little, a couple of months storylines. M: In WCW? T: In WCW. Then they brought David Flair in and everything worked out really well and just snowballed. You know, that was 5 years ago. M: Were you worried when WCW closed, about having a job in the future? Were you picked up quite quickly? T: Actually I had left WCW about 6 months before they closed. I was very unhappy with the way everything was going. I wasn’t real worried. You know, it was one of those things where, I love wrestling, but I knew my life would go on if I didn’t get another job. But I was picked up very quickly when they decided to buy WCW. M: Do you have much control over your characters direction on television? T: They definitely take our input. It’s hard being the good girl because there’s not a lot you can do as far as character goes… which is part of the reason why I almost enjoy being a heel more, just because there’s more to do. But they do take our ideas. M: Are your brothers still very protective of you? T: Oh yeah, very! They all are. (laughs) M: What did you think of the Al Wilson and Dawn Marie Storyline? T: It was very humorous to me but also there was a point where it was like; oh my gosh, I can’t believe that is my father on national television in his underwear, you know. But it was fun just because we had so much fun. He was an actor when he was very young, and it was cool for him to be able to do something like that, and for me to be able to spend time with him. M: Did you have any reservations about doing the kiss scene with Dawn Marie? T: Yes I did! I was very nervous about that. I actually… it shows me downing champagne and that was real. I was very nervous, chugging champagne. M: Where there a lot of crew members in the room? T: No, there weren’t that many actually. I think Stephanie was the one that produced that one, so it was easy in front of her. M: Do you enjoy doing the Diva photo shoots, such as the one you did in Pheonix, Arizona? T: Oh yeah, I still enjoy them. More because I guess, usually it’s just a bunch of us girls getting together, and I get to hang out with some of the girls on Raw that I don’t get to see very often. M: What is your favourite match, or storyline, that you have been involved in? T: I would have to say my favourite so far has been the storyline with Dawn Marie and my father. Just because it was such a great, long running storyline. It was 6 months long and people really got into it. It was just amazing how people really followed that. It was one of those things where I was just so into the storyline that I really felt hatred towards her. When I went out there to the ring it was amazing! (laughs). M: I suppose she was doing things with your father so it was a bit more personal… T: Yeah. M: Have you ever sustained any injuries in the ring? T: No injuries, just soreness. M: Do you get much time to spend with your family, considering the amount of time you are on the road? T: I don’t get to see my family very often. Normally a couple of times a year. We don’t get time off unless we ask for time off, which means we miss TV, or you know, whatever. But thankfully my husband travels with me so it makes it a lot easier. M: Would you prefer to be more active as a manager or a wrestler? T: A wrestler definitely. In the beginning I only wanted to be a valet, a manager. I didn’t ever want to wrestle. The more I started to wrestle, the more I realised how much more fun it is. It’s just very boring to me to just walk to the ring and stand there. I don’t feel like I’m entertaining anybody, you know. M: What is your most embarrassing moment? Has anything ever gone wrong on TV? T: Things have always gone wrong on TV, but you know, it’s always embarrassing when you forget something in a match, when you think everybody can tell. But they usually can’t. It’s always embarrassing when your standing there like a deer in headlights. You know, in the very beginning I didn’t know how to cover up  those mistakes so it was a lot more evident. I had a couple of mishaps on non televised shows where I’m wearing practically nothing and I slip. M: Do you think the brand extension has been a success? Would the WWE benefit from some competition like back in the WCW days? T: They definitely need more competition. Hopefully another company will come along. It would be great if Turner decided to get back into wrestling. I think Vince knows that as much as anybody else. A lot of people are laid off, a lot of people aren’t used, and all that is directly related to not having competition. Storylines haven’t been as great as they were before. I don’t know, I’m not quite sure yet about the brand extension. I guess it has helped in a sense because more wrestlers are being used then were before. But um, I just feel like Smackdown in particular kind of gets lost sometimes in the mix of things, because Raw is the live show, the more important show. That’s the one they focus on. M: Does Eric Bishoff have much control backstage to do with storylines, or is he just an on-air character? T: Actually, I haven’t really worked with Eric Bishoff because he’s on Raw now and I’m on the other show. When I was working with him, in that short time when we were still together, he didn’t seem to have a lot of input. It was  weird seeing him in that position. Compared to in WCW he was King of the World. M: If you could fight against any wrestler, past or present, what would your dream match be? T: Does it have to be a male or female? M: Anyone. T: Ahh… The Rock! M: The Rock, really? T: Yeah (laughs) he could make me look great out there. M: Having suffered from an eating disorder in your teenage years, what advice can you give to those who want to get in shape, and stay healthy? T: My advice to stay in shape and healthy is to just do everything in moderation. I did have an eating disorder because I didn’t take everything in moderation. And I thought you have to be ultra stick-thin to be pretty. You know, you have to realise that that’s not the ideal body. People get mixed up in watching models and thinking that that’s how they have to look. That’s just, it’s abnormal. And um, being healthy and fit, to me it’s much sexier and it’s a better way to live. M: How many hours a week do you actually spend training now? T: Now I would say, probably an hour to an hour and a half a day, 5 to 7 days a week. Depending on my travel schedule.   M: How are you finding married life? You got married in July, didn’t you? T: I love it. It’s not much different then it was before. We were living together before we got married. But I love it. M: At Vengeance this year, Billy Kidman did a shooting star press off the top rope onto the arena floor. Will we ever see you attempt a similar move? T: (Laughs) Gosh, you know, I always tease him that I’m going to steal his finisher. But it’s like the biggest joke in the World, because I’m the biggest scaredy cat ever.  You know, he’s tried to teach me other moves, wrestling moves, but never-ever a shooting star. Even watching him scares me because I know badly you can get hurt. M: Do you get worried every time you see him in a match? T: Yes, every time I see him crawl up to the top rope, I clench my teeth. M: Brock Lesnar did one at Wrestlemania and landed on his face. T: That’s what Brock Lesnar gets for stealing my husband’s move! M: That’s right. T: (Laughs) He need’s to learn how to do it right. M: After your successful appearance in Playboy, would you consider another photoshoot with them, or a similar magazine? T: With a similar magazine? Playboy is the only one that I would do nude. I really respect the art of what it is. You know, they really make beautiful pictures and it’s not raunchy. M: If the chance arose, would you like to pursue a career in movies? T: Definitely. Definitely. I would definitely love to keep my feet in wrestling because I love it so much. I love the whole aspect of entertaining, but also being, it being a sport. And I’ve always been into sports. M: Which match are you most looking forwards to at Survivor Series? Will you be involved in any capacity? T: I don’t even know who’s wrestling! (Laughs) M: (Laughs) Ok, well there’s Team Angle versus Team Lesnar, and The Undertaker versus Vince in a buried Alive match. T: That one will be definitely good. M: Shane versus Kane in an ambulance match… C (Chin: WWE PR): Team Bishoff versus Team Austin. T: Bishoff and Austin? That’ll be classic. C: Bishoff’s got Steiner, Jericho, Mark Henry, Christian… and team Austin’s got Shawn Michaels, they are all having different factions against each other. M: It’s looking quite cool actually… T: Yeah. I always like watching Vince or, you know, people that don’t usually wrestle. It’s always fun to watch people like that. M: I watched a match the other day of him against Zach Gowen, where he got his head busted open. T: Oh yeah, that was amazing. M: Zach kicked a chair and blood went everywhere. I bet he was slightly worried after that, cracking the boss’s head open! T: Absolutely. M: Are you pleased with the current direction woman’s wrestling is taking on TV? T: Um… yes and no. On Raw the women are definitely wrestling a lot more have good storylines and everything. On Smackdown it depends on the day. We’re considered more as eye-candy on Smackdown, which can be frustrating at times because I really do want to get in there and entertain and wrestle. So it’s kind of like fighting with the writers a lot. But I’ve definitely pleased with the direction it’s going now ‘cause even a few years back everyone was pretty much just valeting. M: Do you think Smackdown would benefit from having a Woman’s Title? T: Definitely, that’s my goal, to get a Woman’s Title on Smackdown. M: Your job requires you to travel all around the World. Where are your favourite places to visit? T: I’m not just saying this, but London. I love London because the shopping is so, like the culture and everything. It’s so…  I’m not kissing butt.  I really do love London! I also love Singapore and Malaysia. Beautiful, beautiful places. Again, great for shopping! Africa was a little harder, just because… M: There’s not as many shops? T: Not even that. Well that too, but it’s just hard to see the way people live there. It’s gut wrenching. You feel bad for having what you have at home. You feel like you should be giving to their people. M: Did you watch wrestling as a kid, and who inspired you the most? T:  I did not watch wrestling as a kid. I didn’t even watch wrestling when I got into wrestling. The first time I went to a show, and was offered a job, that was the first time I had ever seen wrestling. So I was backstage and meeting Goldberg and I had no idea who this guy was. Of course I started watching as soon as they hired me. Because I needed to learn about the wrestling if I was going to be in it. But um, I had a lot of catching up to do! (Laughs) M: Was it hard adjusting to the violence, coming from a model background? T: It was at first, yeah. Especially seeing all the blood, the guys bleeding in the ring. You know, it freaks me out. I had to kiss Hulk Hogan once when his face was all bloody, and it just really grossed me out. M: I’ve got a question from someone off my website here. What’s your favourite film? T: Meet the parents. M: Meet the parents? They’ve got a sequel coming out soon, Meet the Fockers. T: Oh really? Oh good, I can’t wait! M: It’s coming out next year I think. You studied Judo at high school. Did it help when you learned to wrestle? T: I would have to say no. My parents make fun of me because I’ve always been into sports but even in Judo, I would be getting pinned, and my mom would be taking my picture, and I’d be like trying to brush the hair out of my face! (Laughs) M: What’s your most memorable experience from your time in the WWE so far? T: Oh my gosh. I’ve had so many great experiences. I don’t even know if I can pick one. Wrestlemania was probably right up there on top. M: Was that the catfight? T: Yeah. It was a pretty lame story that I was in, but I was still excited to be a part of Wrestlemania. M: Absolutely! Which superstars from the Raw roster do you miss working with? T: Stacy Kiebler and Victoria. They are two of my best friends. I just miss seeing them every day. M: Do you get much time off for Christmas and have you got anything planned? T: Well usually we get 10 days off for Christmas, but twelve of us are going to Kuwait this Christmas. And I’m one of those twelve, so… we will have a few days. It will be nice to see everybody. M: Is that to see the troops? T: Yeah, we’re going to put on a show for the troops. M: OK, cool. How would you like to be remembered? T: I guess, um, I would like to be remembered as a great performer. But more importantly as a giving person who is, you know, honest with themselves and friendly to everybody, and someone who you can trust. M: Finally, do you spend much time on the Internet, and do you visit wrestling sites at all? T: Not really. I used to go on some websites, but if I read what people would say about me, like they’d say mean things about me, I would get very upset. But then I started just ignoring all of the websites. It’s the best thing to do! M: Yeah, because a lot of wrestlers get quite involved with their websites. I know that Chris Jericho… T: Yes. M: … wasn’t very happy at one stage. But he’s back now. He’s started updating his website again. T: Oh really? M: Yep. Well that’s the last of my questions (Holds up interview paper). That’s how many I managed to think of by 6 O’clock this morning. T: That’s pretty good! M: But I thought I must get an hours sleep before I get a train! T: (Laughs) M: Well, thank you very much for your time! T: Thank you.

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This exclusive interview with WWE Diva Torrie Wilson was conducted by Film-Reviews.net's webmaster Mark O'Connell. The Interview took place at the Conrad Hotel, London on Tuesday 11th November 2003.

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