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     Test Interview

M (Mark): Do you get to play many wrestling games, and what do you think of your video game likeness? T (Test): Erm… I’ve got to play like every game that I’ve been on since I’ve been here so I’ve been on every wrestling game for the past 5 years. Um, I think their great ya know. I don’t have any complaints against any of them, I mean they’re so accurate. They’re so specific, especially now in the deal in the entrance, to all the moves, looks, all the tattoos, it’s so exact. M: I find I use your character quite a lot actually because you can perform your finisher from any point in the ring. When your running towards your opponent you can just press L1. T: Yeah! M:  What new feature would you like to see added to a wrestling game… if you could have anything? T: Well the bra and panties match is a big plus for me! M: Absolutely! : Yeah definitely! I think they should bring in… I was always a big fan of the woman’s gravy bowl matches. M: Yeah, I’ve suggested that actually… T: That would be a nice addition… or maybe er… maybe a Mai Young strip show, just for continuity sakes…not that I’m a big fan. M: Well I don’t know about that one! How much control do you have in your characters direction on television? T: On TV? M: Yeah. T: I mean Vince comes up with most of the stuff and the writers. But I mean, I’m very hands on… like you get a lot of input on what you want to do and what your comfortable with. I mean Vince is very open to anything. M: That’s cool. So do you prefer being a ‘heel’ or a ‘babyface’? T: Heel. It’s a lot easier to get people to hate you. M: Who came up with the idea for your ‘Testicles’ gimmick? T: Erm, I think that was Vince’s idea. M: And what was he doing when he thought of it? T: (Laughs) I don’t know … I really don’t want to touch on that one. M: (laughs) I wouldn’t want to touch it either! T: That was his idea… M: You got a lot of heat when you were part of the ‘Un-Americans’. Why was the group broken up? T: Um, I’m not 100% sure like it was anything… you can only do so much with something like that. Ya know, it’s going to run its course. I mean there was some real heat there. You I never really… (Pauses) … I never disliked the angle at all. I thought it had good heat, and I’m all for that. Whenever you can get people to hate you. M: Yeah. T: At the same time some of my friends who had fought in the Gulf war, or lost lives were offended by it, ya know. But I can understand where they’re coming from. I think it offended a lot of people in one way. You know, you got to remember this is entertainment. M: What is your favourite match, or storyline, that you have been involved in? T: I’d have to say my very favourite storyline is now. The one I’m involved in now with Stacy and Scott. The one before that was the one that was all with Stephanie. And one of my favourite matches has definitely been with Shane. M: Yeah that was a good match. Do you think that if you had married Stephanie you would have been the Heavyweight Champion for 10 months? T: I got no complaints… I’d take Stace over Steph any day. M: I know what you mean. I expect your in-laws are a lot nicer too… T: (laughs) right. M: What is the worst injury you have ever suffered? T: I fractured a vertebrae in my back. I have 2 bulging discs. You know… it’s a nagging injury I still have, I’m still going through so that would probably be the most painful. M: How did that happen? T: Doing a hardcore match I took a bump on a piece of steel. M: Do you get much time to spend with your family, considering the amount of time you are on the road? T: I’m going to see my parents actually. I fly home, well not my home anymore, but I fly home…they live in Toronto. I get to spend a day with them tomorrow before I head off to work so I have actually seen them 3 times in the last year. M: How many hours a week do you spend training, and is it hard maintaining a nutritious diet? T: I’m pretty strict with myself in what I eat. I train for 5 days a week for about an hour and a half. I’m pretty good about what I eat. Stacy likes to cheat a lot and eats a lot of junk food. I try to stay good. M: So your actually going out with her in real life? T: Yes. M: You’re a lucky man. On Smackdown5.com, most of my visitors sent in questions on our message board. Most of them were about Stacy. But I haven’t selected any of them because I’m interviewing you. What is your most embarrassing moment? T: Most embarrassing… I don’t really have one. You know, I never really got embarrassed on TV. I can’t even… nothing comes to mind. M: Not anything you were supposed to do that went wrong? T: No.. I’ve been really lucky that way. Things have never really been botched so bad that it’s been embarrassing. M: I saw the thing where Scott Steiner fell off the steps at Bad Blood… T: (laughs) … I felt bad for Scott. M: Do you think the brand extension has been a success? Would the WWE benefit from some competition like back in the WCW days? T: I think it will be a success, the brand extension. I mean you got to give it some time. The Internets… no offence to you or anything, or your website, I don’t know what you write about. M: Wrestling games mainly… T: The Internet is a … in my opinion it hurts our business. There’s nothing ever good on there, or said about anybody. You know, everybody’s got a comment to make or say about something negative…about whether Triple H has had the belt to long… Test sucks… Scott Steiner is not a main event guy. What ever goes on, people always have an opinion about everything. And you know, it really bothers me. I got to the point I don’t even get on the net anymore, cos theirs nothing positive about any of us on there. And these are all guys that have never gotten in the ring or even tried to do what we do. And you know, they would bash the brand extension and they want to bash everything else. Give it some time and it will come together. I mean how many times is Vince McMahon wrong? I mean he’s a clever man. He can do what ever he wants and he’s going to make it go no matter what. M: I personally think it’s been a success because it’s given you all more TV time on Pay-Per-Views. T: Yeah that’s what I’m talking about. The younger guys like me, and Christian, Edge when he comes back you know the younger guys. Where as the older guys, they don’t want to leave their spot. M: Because it used to be that you would have the main event guys on PPV’s and everyone else would be stuck on Velocity.   T: Yeah, I mean it’s good for me… I like it. M: Do you think you will go for the Intercontinental Title? T: No, you know, I had it twice before. I’d like to get it again but I mean now Christian’s got it. In my opinion Christian’s probably the most under-rated wrestler in wrestling. In the business I think he’s one of the best. He’s one of my favourites. He makes me laugh. M: He’s definitely come into his own since he got the hair cut and everything. T: Yeah definitely, definitely! I think it’s good for him now. I hope they keep it on him for a while. M: I’ve enjoyed it with him and Booker T. Like when they did the spineroonie contest. T: (Laughs) yeah that was great! M: If you could fight against any wrestler, what would your dream match be? Past or present , alive or dead? T: See I don’t know. So many people asked me that today. There are a lot of great guys to work with, guys that I enjoy working with. Ya know, like Christian, like Edge, like Jericho… M: All Canadians! T: …like Val. Yeah that’s right, all Canadians, everybody says that. You know, Benoit is one guy I haven’t worked with actually. I’d like to get the chance to work with him. M: Do you think it was a good idea introducing the ‘boring’ angle for Lance Storm? Because since then I’ve noticed that fans have started chanting it in other matches. If it catches on like the ‘what?’ thing, it could cause problems. T: You know, Lance is a hell of a worker. His personality in real life is very dry. People just don’t understand that. So I don’t know, I mean it’s something I think you should give it some time. I didn’t see how it went last week, but you know… the first week I wasn’t sure, the next week it started getting some reactions. I mean if it starts getting a reaction like Kurt did with the ‘You Suck’ chant it would be great. M: I mean, any reactions a good reaction right? T: Yeah! M: Ok, word association. I’ll say a word; you say what ever pops into your mind. Vince McMahon? T: Genius. M: Hulk Hogan? T: The greatest of all time. I mean, no matter how long he goes away, he always comes back and the fans love him. There’s something about him just drives you to him. Ya know, I’m actually friends with Terry, and something about him drives you to him. M: He’s one of my favourite wrestlers of all time. T: Yeah he’s mine too. He’s such a good guy, Terry. M: At Wrestlemania X8 when he was against the Rock, I actually got excited like I did when I was younger. I haven’t had that for a while… T: When he and Rock had the match, I mean that’s the only time I’ve watched a match and sent chills through my body. It was great. It’s the greatest match I’ve ever seen. M: It was an awesome match wasn’t it?  Ok, Stacy Keibler? T: The best thing that’s ever happened to me. M: Excellent. Triple H? T: On top of his game. M: The Invasion angle? T: Could’ve been but wasn’t. M: I was a bit disappointed by that, the first PPV by WWE… T: There were so many wrestlers, and how many of them worked out? There’s Booker, Hurricane, that’s about it you know. M: A lot of them, I can’t even remember who they brought in now. What does the locker room think when newcomers come to the WWE and receive huge pushes straight away, like Goldberg and Brock Lesnar, when other guys have been in the company years? T: Well I kind of went through that myself when I first came here. It happened to me. M: You came into the Corporation didn’t you? T: Yeah, right away. And ya know, I understand guys have been in this business for a long time and worked hard to get where they are. There’s these kids coming in right away and getting a push. I mean, are you going to tell me they’d turn it down if it happened to them. (Laughs) …what are they going to say, no don’t push me!   M: Fair enough. How often do you see wrestlers from the Smackdown roster and which brand do you prefer? T: Once a month usually, and not any more. I mean we split the Pay Per Views. I think Smackdown has better workers. I think our show’s better. I think our show’s better written. M: Yeah. T: I think… I thought Paul Heymen did a really good job when he was writing Smackdown. I’m not saying it’s not all really good now it’s just we went through a lot of transitions where. Raw’s the older show and it’s what people know. So it’s always going to be, ya know… When we first did the split we were there, like me Lance, Jericho and I loved that crew, they were good. I really thought they should have left that they way it was and I thought that show would have really taken off. M: Due to the large number of injuries lately, is the WWE doing much to limit accidents? T: We’re trying to tone it down a bit especially, everywhere. You know, working all the time like we do, you can’t help it. M: How many matches do you have a week, roughly? T: Four or five. M: So you don’t get a lot of time for your body to heal. T: No, I mean your back in it, you know. M: So you’re saving all the big stuff for Pay Per Views? T: yeah, you try to.   M: Have you ever considered releasing a book, or making a film? T: Never. I would never write anything about the boys, anything negative about the boys. I shouldn’t be writing a book, I haven’t been in this business long enough. The stuff I write about, probably, I don’t want people to know about! And as far as releasing a movie, no I never considered it. M: Mick foley has done quite well hasn’t he, with his books. T: Mick Foley’s a different kind of writer. Mick Foley’s a really gifted writer. I talking about this stuff where guys come out and shit on wrestling you know. They write all the stuff that goes on. That HBO sports thing that just aired… M: That Rowdy Roddy Piper thing wasn’t it? T: Piper had no business talking about the boys, and he got fired ‘cos of it. He should have been, ya know. M: Rightly so. Do you own a console and if so, what are your favourite games? T: I have a Playstation 2. My favourite games are probably like American Football, hockey, and basketball. I like the wrestling too. Any sports games really. M: Do you have Smackdown 4? T: Yeah I have the latest one that come out. M: What do you do on your days off, if you get any? T: Sit by the pool and have a couple of beers really… M: How would I go about going backstage at a WWE event? T: Probably dressing up as somebody and sneaking in! (laughs) That’s probably your best chance! M: Is it true that Mai Young put anchovies down her underwear when she stink-faced Eric Bishoff at ‘Bad Blood’? T: (Laughs) I know nothing, I see nothing! M: That’s a yes then… (laughs). Do you know when the WWE will next be returning to England, and do you enjoy wrestling in front of the UK fans? T: Yes, I love wrestling in front of the UK fans. They are some of the greatest fans we have. And, I think Smackdown is going to be here next in October. M: Cool, because I missed the last one! T: Oh really? We were just here 3 weeks ago I think. M: Yeah, that’s right. Can I get you to sign a couple of things? T: (Signs my copy of Smackdown 4: Shut Your mouth, and poses for photos!) M: Test, it was fantastic talking to you. I look forwards to seeing you wrestle again really soon. On behalf of myself, and our visitors at Smackdown5.com, Thank you! T: Thank you!

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This exclusive interview with WWE Superstar Test (aka Andrew Martin) was conducted by Film-Reviews.net's webmaster Mark O'Connell. The Interview took place at London's Sports Café on Wed 2nd July 2003.

Any information taken from this interview MUST be credited soley to www.Film-Reviews.net and may not be duplicated without permission.

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