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Stella Artois, the UK’s leading premium beer brand*, has launched The Connoisseur Series – a collection of exclusive video portraits, each providing an intimate look into the world of renowned quality craftsmen, including world renowned directors and stars of the sporting world.


The first captivating portrait provides an insight into the imagination and creative mind of Oscar nominated film director Wim Wenders, who recently directed the Stella Artois Cidre advert, The Simple Life. Also featured in the series are Director Shane Meadows, who is behind Made of Stone - one of the many films Stella Artois supports through its bursary scheme – and internationally renowned polo player Jamie Morrison who appeared at this year’s MINT Polo in the Park, supported by Stella Artois.


The series will highlight the featured connoisseur’s individual craft, capturing their passion and vision, revealing the hidden inspirations and motivations behind achieving excellence in areas such as film and sport. Each film explores the role of rituals in each personality’s profession and how this has assisted their success, allowing them to meet the highest standards in their field of expertise.


Viewers can discover the Stella Artois Pouring Ritual** through the Connoisseur Series which will be hosted on the newly launched Stella Artois UK YouTube channel and will be unveiled throughout the summer and autumn.


Phil Pick, marketing manager at Stella Artois, said: “Discovering the rituals and skill of renowned craftsmen is the perfect celebration of the quality we champion through the Stella Artois pouring ritual. With these videos launched on our Stella Artois YouTube channel this summer, we can shine a spotlight on the creativity of a unique collection of some of the best craftsmen in their fields. Our presence and support at some of the best summer events, from The Cannes Film Festival to Tennis at the Hurlingham Club, will provide the perfect backdrop to showcasing the finest craft and talent in action. Whether it’s delivering an award winning film or excelling in professional sport, a shared dedication to staying true to quality and craft is reflected in The Connoisseur Series.”



Stella Artois celebrates quality craftmanship with The Connoisseur Series


11th Sept 2013