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Small Apartments is based on a book written by Chris Millis in just three days, and directed by Jonas Åkerlund. Matt Lucas plays Franklin Franklin in the lead role.


When we first see him, Switzerland obsessive Franklin is blowing a giant horn in his apartment, while wearing nothing but a pair of Y-fronts, socks and shoes. Keeping up appearances however, he always remembers to add a different wig to his ensemble before going outside. He has plenty of reason to of course, due to the dead body in his room.


In a neighbouring apartment, semi-ambitious pothead Tommy Balls (Johnny Knoxville) is dating Rebel Wilson's Rocky. The grumpy Mr Allspice (James Caan) and Alice (Juno Temple) also live nearby.


When the dead body is eventually discovered, Burt Walnut (played by an understated Billy Crystal) is soon on the case to investigate. But is recluse Franklin responsible and how will the morbid mayhem unfold? Thankfully the offbeat story is played out by some great talent that captivates throughout. James Marsden also pops up as Franklin's brother Bernard, and Dolph Lungren makes a rare non-violent appearance!


A proven chameleon in his comedic roles to date, Matt Lucas adapts to an American accent (and leading role) with ease. If you approach the film with an open mind, there is a lot of fun to be had in Small Apartments.


Quirky, darkly funny, and compelling, Small Apartments really is a surprise treat.


DVD extras include an entertaining behind-the-scenes with great contributions from the cast and crew, along with a questionable featurette where Johnny Knoxville demonstrates how to build a gravity bong.



Review by: Sarah O'Connell

Review Date: 29th July 2013

Small Apartments


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Small Apartments