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We all get a little carried away at summer, don’t we? Well, this summer prepared to get Carried away. Yes, after four long years of anxious nail biting, the moment, or should I say the movie, every woman has been waiting for is finally here. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are reunited for one last hurrah and are still trying to understand love and sex in the city.


So, a lot to catch up with in those lost four years? Not really, Carrie and Mr. Big are still in their unconventionally stationary relationship and content of course. Samantha has made the ultimate sacrifice for Smith and moved to Los Angeles to support his television career, but what sane woman wouldn’t?! Charlotte is still leading her inexplicably perfect life with Harry and their adopted daughter Lily, who picks up a few tricks from the girls throughout the film! And Miranda, always last but never least in any way, has moved to Brooklyn to live the American Dream with Steve and their son Brady. Don’t be put off if all of this means nothing to you. This film will keep you gripped whether you’ve seen every episode and every Channel 4 and Paramount repeat or if you’re a complete Sex and the City virgin!


A new version of the infamous opening credit music, which became synonymous with images of New York, has been recorded by The Pfeifer Broz. Orchestra who are also credited with the music for the trailers of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Casino Royale. The first note instantly puts a nostalgic smile on your face, a smile which will rarely fade during the two hours and twenty-two minutes, so be warned: you may well leave the cinema with very achy cheeks! An automatic indication of just how wonderfully heart warming the film is but don’t be fooled by the romantic comedy genre.


The television series opened up and answered many questions for women during the nineties and was seen as a realistic and much needed source of advice and guidance for women regarding, sex, love, relationships and ultimately, marriage. The film, true to form, tackles some of the more serious issues women have to deal with in life and depending on your sensitivity you will need tissues. Credit where it’s due, Michael Patrick King has continued to do a tremendous job with the writing, it’s as if he never stopped; the punch lines are timed with precision, the sex banter is free flowing and the collective gasps are arranged without a fault.


To put it simply the movie version of one of the most successful television series of our time is no disappointment. Funny, warm and thought provoking, the only thing this film is in need of is more of the customary Carrie narration. She narrates the essential scenes, core values and thoughts but the film is more reliant on making a point visually, unlike the series. Checklist: Your closest friends? Chocolate? Tissues? And your favourite pair of shoes? (Just to get into the mood!) If you have three out of four at the ready it’s time to book your seats because this is one date with the girls that you have to keep.


Review by: Jess Harris

Date: 2nd June 2008

Sex And The City: The Movie


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