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Incredibly, it's already been two decades since Ireland's greatest export first debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin. Now celebrating their 20th anniversary, Riverdance is back on tour and hasn't lost a step.


The show fuses Irish dance with haunting solo performances and instrumental pieces. Serene landscapes are displayed on a giant video screen behind, creating a magical and mystical tone. When dancers first burst onto the stage with the kind of energy that other shows reserve for the finale, you know that you're in for a real treat.


The dancers are impossibly fast, perfectly synchronised and mesmerising to behold. So much so that the first act seems to be over in an instant. In addition to Irish music, Flamenco, Russian and jazz flavours inspire some of the sizzling performances.


As if the first half wasn't impressive enough, the second act is even better. As lightning-quick dancers compete to out-perform each other, the real winner is the audience.


The Riverdance - 20th Anniversary Tour really is a must-see event. Performing at the Mayflower Theatre until 6th December, don't miss the opportunity to see this spellbinding, high-energy show live.

Review by: Sarah O'Connell

Review Date: 1st December 2014

Riverdance - 20th Anniversary Tour Review


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The Mayflower, Southampton