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Written, directed and starring Luke Moran, Prisoner Of War tells the story of an American soldier deployed to Abu Ghraib - Iraq's most notorious prison.


Loosely inspired by true events, the story begins on 4th July 2003, where Jack Farmer says his goodbyes to Peyton (Sara Paxton) and his dad Sam (Home Alone's John Heard). Leaving the comforts of home, he is soon in the Middle East contending with the intense heat and danger at every turn.


Recruiting the "best of the best to look after the worst of the worst", Jack has to sleep, live and work in similar conditions to the war detainees. That is until he asks for transfer to Abu Ghraib, in an effort to make a difference.


Sean Astin plays Staff sergeant Tanner, who introduces Jack to the inhumane abuse and torture that is secretly underway the prison. With complete disregard for human life or welfare, Tanner actively encourages the brutal mistreatment of the prisoners from his fellow soldiers.


The story is told entirely from Jack's perspective, as he holds on to his morals while avoiding head butts, faeces and mortar bombs. Counting down the days until he can return home, he befriends well-spoken prisoner Ghazi "Silent Bob" Hammoud (Argo's Omid Abtahi).


While Prisoner of War only scratches the surface at the atrocities that went on at Abu Ghraib, it is still an eye-opening, complex, shocking and often intense experience. The DVD case is keen to highlight the producers of Traffic and Blood Diamond, but triple threat Luke Moran is definitely one to watch...

Review by: Sarah O'Connell

Review Date: 18th August 2014

Prisoner of War Review


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