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Directed by Michael Lander, Peacock a psychological thriller about a bank clerk with very split personalities.


When we first meet John Skillpa (played by Cillian Murphy), he is dressed as his alter-ego Emma. The thing is, he has no idea that they are the same person. Leaving him notes and making breakfast each morning, he then returns to his male identity and goes about his day.


When a freight train unexpectedly derails, crashing through the garden, Emma is taken off her feet. As neighbours gather to offer help, they find out that John isn't living alone. Or rather, they think that he isn't. Assumed to be his own wife, John's world is turned upside down as he desperately tries to restore order.


Having previously played a transgender character in Breakfast On Pluto (2005) and briefly cross-dressed in Sunburn (1999), Cillian Murphy effortlessly transforms into Emma. More confident than his male counterpart, the struggle between the two characters is fascinating to watch.


There is also a great supporting cast, with Ellen Page as Maggie, a young mother with a link to John / Emma's past, and Susan Sarandon as the Mayor's wife.


As a psychological thriller, Peacock builds upon an interesting premise. While there are echoes of Hitchcock's Psycho, this is more of a compelling character study than slasher film, and Cillian Murphy's finest hour (well, 90 minutes).


The disc also contains a 21 minute making-of documentary entitled 'Welcome To Peacock', where the cast and crew shed light on every aspect of this independent production.



Review by: Sarah O'Connell

Review Date: 19th January 2014



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