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Summer Family Attractions 2014

People have been having a “hoot hoot” at Paultons Park since it first opened its doors in 1983. Located in Ower, Hampshire; the theme park features over sixty rides and attractions. In 2011, it also opened Peppa Pig World, based on the hugely popular Nick Jr. television series. We take a look at the latest addition to see if it’s a must-visit family destination this summer.  


The first thing that you’ll notice when arriving at the park is the Peppa Pig theme music playing. While setting the scene nicely, it can start to grate after several hours. Though I’m sure the staff have developed many survival techniques for this.  


There are seven themed rides on offer. Our favourite of which being Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight, which is essentially a brightly-coloured Ferris wheel with a propeller on the top. From here you can get a great aerial view of Peppa Pig World, while getting slightly further away from the music! If you prefer to rotate horizontally rather than vertically, then Peppa Pig's Big Balloon ride is the one for you.





















George’s Dinosaur Adventure gives you the chance to mount a friendly T-Rex for a gentle and charming ride around a track. Daddy Pig’s Car Ride allows kids to get behind the pretend wheel for a road trip past hills, plastic trees and Peppa Pig’s friends.


The Windy Castle is a bit like a teacup ride, in addition to be spinning through the air at the same time. Sat in a rotating cloud, this is certainly one of the livelier attractions.


With his trotter in many proverbial pies, Grandpa Pig owns a Boat Trip and Little Train ride. The first of which features a relaxing voyage around a lighthouse, and the latter sends you chugging past the houses. Both of these rides proved rather popular, so expect slightly longer queues. As youngsters tend to get tired in the afternoon, there are reduced waiting times once the park gets quieter.


George’s Spaceship Indoor Playzone is a spacious soft play area, complete with musical instruments, giant blocks to play with, slides, a rope maze and plenty for little adventurers to climb on. Snacks are also available from Daddy Pig’s Big Tummy Café. I wonder if Mummy Pig’s Massive Bottom Café was ever considered as an alternate name (probably not). Cooked meals and salads can also be purchased from the Wildwoods Family Restaurant near the main entrance. The Railroad Diner caters for fast food enthusiasts.


When Peppa Pig and George make an appearance, you’d be mistaken for thinking you are at a One Direction concert, as crowds flock towards them for a piece of the action. Suzy Sheep and Zoe Zebra also walk around the park for photos and high-fives. You can even visit Peppa’s House where the family are all having pancakes for breakfast.





















Additional climbing fun can be had in Mr Potato’s Playground, along with a roundabout, swings and rainbow walkway. This is next door to Muddy Puddle’s Water Splash Park where H2O erupts from the floor. This is a junior version of the fantastic Water Kingdom in Paulton’s Park. Be sure to bring a swimming costume and towel here, as getting soaked is likely - even if you are a water-dodging parent!


Peppa’s Toy Shop contains a wealth of related merchandise, including toys, clothes,  homeware and videogames. Unless you are particularly after something exclusive or branded with Peppa Pig World, the rest can likely be sourced cheaper online.


Of course, Peppa Pig World is only half of the fun to be had, with your ticket also including entry into Paulton’s Park. You can measure up to life-size prehistoric animals in the Land of the Dinosaurs; see an animatronic Toad of Toad Hall and Mr. Mole in the Wonderful World of Wind In the Willows, take a ride around the park on the Rio Grande Train, or work on your putting at Gold Rush Falls Adventure Golf.


Families will enjoy the Astroglide giant slide and watery equivalent the Wave Runner, a unique double-decker Victorian Carousel, Rabbit Ride, Flying Frog mini-rollercoaster, Go-Karts and Spinning Dragon Ride.


Thrill seekers also won’t want to miss the Jumping Bean and Magma vertical drop rides, with the latter spinning into a smoking volcano. The Edge is a giant spinning disc that moves along a bendy track at 40mph, along with a similar ride called Kontiki. There’s also traditional rollercoasters in the shape of The Cobra and Stinger, a flying chairs ride called the Sky Swinger, a splash-tastic Raging River Ride log flume, Pirate Ship and Magic Carpet ride.


No theme park is complete these days without a 4D cinema experience, and Paultons Park is no exception. Robin Hood 4D is a 9-minute show where Maid Marion is taken on a daring adventure with the legendary archer.






















While showing my age, some of the attractions have gone unchanged since the 1980s. The Magic Forest particularly looks worse for wear and could do with a fresh coat of paint.


The park advises that all rides in Peppa Pig World are unsuitable for children under 12 months old, so take that into consideration when planning your trip. Free entry is height-based rather than age, making it free for children less than 1 metre tall. For everyone else, tickets are £27 each, or £23.50 when booked in advance (a booking fee is also applied). Seniors over 60 can enjoy a slightly reduced price, as can families of 3 and above with a group ticket. As most of the rides have disabled access, they don’t offer additional discounts to disabled guests or carers.


Unlike some theme parks, Paultons doesn’t have its own hotel. However, when you book tickets online, you can get a hotel deal that includes a second day in the park for free, plus breakfast. It’s worth noting however that the closest hotels are between 8 and 29 miles away.  


The rides at Peppa Pig World are all expectedly sedate, serving as an ideal theme park introduction for under-fives. Paultons Park adds additional value with a new take on classic rides, making it a decent day out for young families. However, you may feel slightly underwhelmed when compared to other fantastic attractions around the UK.


Review by: Sarah O'Connell

Review Date: 30th June 2014

Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park Review


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