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Cinema goers at Vue Doncaster, where band member Louis once worked, were last night joined by his granddad, family and friends as they watched the boys take to the big screen in their debut film One Direction: This Is Us 3D, on Thursday 29th August.


In order to celebrate his grandson’s silver screen success, Louis’ granddad treated his close family and friends to the ultra-comfy VIP seats and pre-booked for not one, but two screens, ahead of the 8pm screening to accommodate everyone.


Steve Pimperton, Manager at Vue Doncaster, said:  “Louis’ granddad was clearly very proud of Louis’ achievements and was extremely keen to watch the film amongst friends and family at Vue Doncaster. He didn’t want Louis to know that he was planning this visit as he knew his grandson would have wanted to pay for the tickets.


“He was even so kind as to buy the cinema staff ‘thank you’ chocolates for placing the booking and helping to make the night such an enjoyable experience”.


With bumper crowds expected during the first weekend of screenings since the film’s release, Vue Entertainment has ordered 20,000 pairs of earplugs for the army of parents and chaperones caught up in the midst of this modern day Beatle-mania this weekend. The complimentary earplugs will ensure that accompanying chaperones can enjoy the film without being worried by the high-levels of expected screaming and shouting in the auditoriums during the screenings.


One Direction: This Is Us 3D is now available to see at Vue Entertainment across the UK


For more information or to purchase tickets, visit www.myvue.com

One Direction Louis’ proud granddad books out VIP seats at local Vue Cinema to celebrate their big screen debut!


1st Sept 2013

One Direction