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Powered by Sky, Now TV is a new plug-and-play device that allows you to get Sky Sports and Movies on Demand in addition to a variety of other apps on your Television.


The set up process is really simple as the discreet white box conveniently comes with an HDMI cable - which is pretty rare with electrical items these days. Once connected to your TV, it’s time to get connected to the internet. Brilliantly, the device has built-in Wi-Fi, meaning that it isn’t dependent on a TV aerial.


Having selected your wireless Internet connection and entering your password, it will then check to see if a free software update is available. Once downloaded, the box will automatically restart. After agreeing to an end user agreement and logging in with your Sky account (or creating a Now TV one online) you are ready to rock.



















To really make the most of Now TV, you need to subscribe to their premium services. Live sporting events are available via Sky Sports, Ashes, F1, and News. With a pass costing £9.99 a day, this is really suited for one-off events rather than an on-going subscription (unless you have a joint bank account with Tony Stark). In case you were wondering, a year’s subscription would set you back £3646.35. It would be great to see Sky’s pay-per-view events added to the service, to add the convenience of watching them in any room of the house.


There are eleven movie channels that you can watch live as they are broadcast on Sky. You can also filter films by genre and collections (such as James Bond and Disney). The menus display large cover artwork for each film, making it easy to navigate. There is also a search feature if you can’t find what you are looking for. Pricewise, the Sky Movies pass is a great deal, coming in at £8.99 for 3 months. They also note that they get movies 12 movies before Netflix or LoveFilm instant, however their range isn’t as large.


I also found an additional 31 channel apps of interest to install, from news channels such as CNBC, to technology and games with IGN, music with Spotify, movie trailers with Flixster, and social media with Facebook. Most useful are Demand 5 and BBC iPlayer to catch up with the last several days of television.


The remote control is small, white and a joy to hold. It isn't overloaded with buttons either, making it clear to use.


Now TV is ideal for people without Sky, outside aerials, or those simply wanting to add Smart TV functionality into the mix. While I am already a devoted Sky Subscriber, Now TV is still a useful gadget if you have a 2nd screen in the house. However, it’s worth noting that you still need a separate subscription.


The box itself only costs £9.99 (including postage and packing), making it a very attractive gateway to Sky’s brilliant entertainment channels. With more apps promised in the future, you can’t really go wrong with  Now TV. Well, unless you don’t have Wi-Fi internet connection!  

Review by: Sarah O'Connell

Review Date: 15th August 2013

Now TV Review


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