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Enter the amazing world of some of the largest creatures to have ever walked the earth in Mammoths: Ice Age Giants. Be awestruck as huge fossils and life-size models of mammoths and their relative’s tower above you and meet Lyuba, the world’s most complete mammoth, as she takes centre stage in the exhibition for her first appearance in western Europe.


You’ll even be able to try out life as a mammoth: tusk jousting, trunk moving and feeling the weight of the hundreds of kilos of food a mammoth ate each day, equivalent to 230 bags of sugar.


The exhibition will take you on an inspiring journey from the time when these titans roamed the land through to today’s research into the causes of mammoth extinction and ways to protect their precious modern relative, the elephant. Meet some of the best-known species, from the infamous woolly mammoth and the spiral-tusked Columbian mammoth to their island-dwelling relative the dwarf mammoth. Discover prehistoric giants such as the mastodon, the fearsome sabre-tooth cat and the giant cave bear. Find out how they evolved, consider how they finally went extinct and unearth the latest research into whether they can ever be resurrected.


The star of the show is Lyuba, a baby woolly mammoth discovered in Russia’s Yamal Peninsula of Siberia in May 2007. She is thought to have died 42,000 years ago at just one month old. Her body was buried in wet clay and mud then froze, preserving it until she was found by reindeer herder Yuri Khudi and his sons, as they were searching for wood along the frozen Yuribei River some 42,000 years later. Within a few days of being found she was sent to the Shemanovsky Museum – Exhibition Complex in Salekhard, Russia and named Lyuba (pronounced Loo-ba) after Yuri’s wife, meaning love in Russian.


Professor Adrian Lister, mammoths researcher at the Natural History Museum says, ‘This exhibition is very exciting as these amazing creatures were not only giants of the Ice Age, but the science behind their incredible lives is still relevant to the natural world today. This exhibition promises a rare glimpse into the Ice Age world of mammoths and their relatives through life-sized models, original skeletons and fossils and of course Lyuba, the best preserved and most complete mammoth ever discovered.’


Dates and times: Open 23 May to 7 September 2014, 10.00–17.50 (last admission 17.15)

Visitor enquiries: 020 7942 5000

Admission: Adult £10*, child and concession £6*, family £28*

Adult £9, child and concession £5.40, family £25

Free for Members, Patrons and children under four

Nearest tube: South Kensington

Website: www.nhm.ac.uk/mammoths


* A voluntary donation is included in our admission ticket prices. If you are a UK taxpayer and pay the ticket price including donation, the Natural History Museum can reclaim the tax on the whole ticket price under the Gift Aid scheme.

Mammoths: Ice Age Giants open until 7th September at the Natural History Museum


26th June 2014

Natural History Museum