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‘Knucklehead’ stars the truly larger-than-life Paul Wight, better known as WWE Superstar The Big Show.  Playing gentle-giant Walter Krunk, he is duped into leaving the Orphanage that he calls home to help his con artist friend Eddie (played my Mark Feurerstein) settle a dept with a bookie (Dennis Farina). With the church also under financial risk, a senior nun orders Mary (Melora Hardin) to accompany them.


The light-hearted mood of the film is established early on with Walter being lowered from the sky in a pink tutu, as part of an amateur production of The Wizard of Oz. Within seconds there is an electrical shortage and Walter flies uncontrollably around, knocking kids from the stage.


Once on the road to a mixed martial arts tournament in New Orleans, Walter and company stop off at different towns to earn prize money in amateur fighting contests. Entering the ring with an innocent smile, nervous posture and mop of hair, our protagonist is initially reluctant to raise his fists. Humour prevails and he eventually learns to channel his inner strength, shaving off the hair and transforming more into the wrestling giant that we know and love. They squeeze every ounce of humour out of his gargantuan size throughout, leading to a particularly funny scene involving a toilet cubicle on a coach and an emergency crew.


The final ‘Beatdown on the Bayou’ tournament is quite reminiscent to the ‘80s classic ‘The Karate Kid’, albeit with a fresh wrestling twist. The less said about the bear confrontation however, the better!


Paul Wight is surprisingly endearing as Walter, especially as he keeps in contact with Henry, a loner kid back at the Orphanage.


Aimed squarely at kids and teenagers, there is an abundance of fart jokes and madcap situations throughout, making it enjoyable viewing.  ‘Knucklehead’ is a solid family film that packs a humorous punch and plenty of heart!


DVD Extras include:

• Knucklehead Moments: Bloopers & Beyond

• Welcome To The Show

• Bearly Surviving

• Commentary Track

• Photo Gallery

Review by: Mark O'Connell

Date: 14th February 2011



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