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Kenny Baker Interview

Mark O'Connell: You are best known for your role as R2D2. How did you actually get the part?


Kenny Baker: Well I was in London, working in London. George Lucas came into London, and he had already made the robot. And I was well known in the area so the agent sent me down to see them, and I walked in the room and that was it. Because I was the right size really.


Mark O'Connell:  Was it hard staying cool when you were filming in Tunisia?


Kenny Baker: We couldn’t get cool. Everything was hot. You’re in the desert, it’s HOT!


Mark O'Connell:  Was it easy to control R2D2’s movements?


Kenny Baker: Not easy, no. But I could do it. It was a bit of a struggle but it worked alright eventually.


Mark O'Connell: How much time would you normally spend in it?


Kenny Baker: Only about 10 minutes, in and out. It depended how long it took.


Mark O'Connell: What is your favourite Star Wars film and why?


Kenny Baker: Empire Strikes Back. It was a separate film really, on it’s own.


Mark O'Connell: What are your thoughts on R2D2 being replaced in parts of the new films by computer generated versions?


Kenny Baker: Well it works. You got about six R2D2’s at least, and they all do different jobs. So it’s supposed to be just R2D2, but with no different bits, you know.


Mark O'Connell: What do you know about the forthcoming TV series?


Kenny Baker: Nothing at all.


Mark O'Connell: I heard that C3PO may be in it.


Kenny Baker: I don’t know, possibly…


Mark O'Connell: What are your favourite memories from the films, from your whole time filming?


Kenny Baker: Well you don’t remember anything special, just being out in the desert with Alec Guinness, and Carrie Fisher and everybody. You know, they are quite well known people, and interesting.


Mark O'Connell: Are you working on any other projects at the moment?


Kenny Baker: No, no films, no.


Mark O'Connell: How would you like to be remembered?


Kenny Baker: Well I…um (laughs), same as anybody would want to be remembered. I don’t know, I’ve never thought about it really. I’ve not gone yet!


Mark O'Connell: That's very true.


Kenny Baker: It's getting close mind you, you know?


Mark O'Connell: Have you got any messages for your fans?


Kenny Baker: Yeah, keep coming! (Laughs)


Mark O'Connell: Excellent, well thank you very much for your time!

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This exclusive interview with Star Wars' Kenny Baker (R2D2) was

conducted by Film-Reviews.net's webmaster Mark O'Connell.

The interview took place at the Memorabilia Show in Birmingham

on Sunday 26th March 2006.

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interview MUST be credited soley to

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