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Justin Whalin Interview

Mark O'Connell: You played Andy Barclay in Childs Play 3. In 1993, the tabloid media in the UK unfairly targeted the film when it was inaccurately blamed as being an influence to a child murder. The result of which caused the film's distributors to stop selling the film until 2002, even though it was proven that the suspects in question hadn't even seen it. Were you aware of the case, and what did you personally think of the film?


Justin Whalin: I was aware of the incident, but wasn't aware that it had any implications for the film till your question brought it to my attention. Personally, I think it was a fun horror movie.


Mark O'Connell: Serial Mom is a cult classic. What was it like working with John Waters on the movie?


Justin Whalin: John is a lot of fun to work with. He knows exactly what he wants and it's sort of a genre that he has created, so you trust him completely.


Mark O'Connell: How did you initially land the role of Jimmy Olsen in "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman"?


Justin Whalin: I had been doing a series for warner bros. called "it had to be you", which had just been cancelled. The executive producer of that show was brought on to Lois and Clark, and when the role of Jimmy Olsen opened up she brought me in and is probably the primary reason I got that part.


Mark O'Connell: Having appeared on 65 episodes of the show from 1994 to 1997, what are your favourite memories from the series?


Justin Whalin: I enjoyed many of the episodes, but one of the great things about the show was the wealth of great guest stars we had, not to mention that working with Dean, Teri, and Lane was great.


Mark O'Connell: Do you ever watch Smallville, and would you be interested in appearing on the show if offered the chance?


Justin Whalin: I've seen it once or twice. I think it's a great show and would certainly enjoy working on the show if the right part came up.


Mark O'Connell: What did you think of Bryan Singer's Superman Returns?


Justin Whalin: Liked it. Thought there were some great images.


Mark O'Connell: Dungeons & Dragons was an action-packed adventure.  Did you suffer any injuries during filming?


Justin Whalin: Too many to count, I did about 99 percent of my own stunts. Probably wouldn't do that again.


Mark O'Connell: How did it feel to win an Emmy?


Justin Whalin: Horrible, Joking! it was a great feeling, of course. It is a really nice acknowledgment.


Mark O'Connell: Apart from your awards success, what has been your career highlight to date?


Justin Whalin: Good Question!! I don't know. I've had so many different experiences which have been really special, and it's impossible to compare them. I've worked with so many great people, and I've gotten to travel to some really amazing places. I hope my best work is still ahead of me.


Mark O'Connell: What can you tell us about your next project 'Off the Ledge'?


Justin Whalin: It's a really great script. It takes place at a new years party, and in the beginning seems like it's a light comedy, but as the story unfolds the characters lives are revealed and the truth of who they are takes the movie in a surprising direction.


Mark O'Connell: I read that you are working on a Western script.  How is it coming along?


Justin Whalin: Well, thanks. I've been a fan of the genre forever, and I believe i have a vision of it that is fresh and reinventive. We'll see.


Mark O'Connell: How do you like to relax in your spare time?


Justin Whalin: Golf, golf, golf. Oh, and golf.


Mark O'Connell: You are a great supporter of wildlife conservation.  What can we all do to help preserve nature and the environment?


Justin Whalin: I don't like to preach, but I hope that whatever people views are,  they realize that we share this planet with other species.


Mark O'Connell: Finally, do you have any messages for your fans, and how would you like to be remembered?


Justin Whalin: Thanks for the support! As far as how I'd like to be remembered, UM...... Yes.


Mark O'Connell: Thanks for your time!

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