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J.T Tinney Interview

Mark O'Connell: You are currently featured in the Maxim Hometown Hottie contest. When did you first get into modelling? J.T. Tinney: I started modeling about 3 years ago, doing local advertisements and magazines. I've done a few calendars and TV shows. Mark O'Connell: What does J.T stand for? J.T. Tinney: My real name is Jennifer Tinney Mark O'Connell: What are your hobbies / interests? J.T. Tinney: It gets really hot here in Phoenix so I go to the lake any chance I get & BBQing with friends and my family. I love traveling, seeing new things and meeting new people. I'm a family girl so any chance I have to relax with my family and maybe go to a movie or something like that. Mark O'Connell: When did you first start watching WWE? J.T. Tinney: I used to watch it a lot when I was younger with my dad and friends. Now with working and caring for my family I really dont have too much time for TV at all. I've been  watching and studying WWE as much as possible now. I still work and have my family to attend to on top of the Diva search so it is still difficult. Mark O'Connell: Who is your favourite WWE Superstar and Diva? J.T. Tinney: Oh wow, they are all great and very welcoming, Divas and Superstars. All of them are very dedicated and I respect each and every one of them for the fact they work their butt's off the be where they are, I truley hope to have the chance to be able to work beside them and learn from them. Mark O'Connell: How did you hear about the WWE Diva search? J.T. Tinney: On-line and word of mouth Mark O'Connell: What has been your favourite part of the Diva contest so far? J.T. Tinney: Seeing the fans reactions yelling and screaming. They are going to be tough to win their respect over, but I am going to work hard to be the best. I hope they see that in me. Mark O'Connell: Have any of the current WWE Divas or Superstars offered any tips or advice? J.T. Tinney: They wish us "Good Luck" more than anything. I think we need to prove ourselves to them as well as the fans. Mark O'Connell: Why should people vote for you to win? J.T. Tinney: I am very dedicated. I know I have a lot to learn and am ready for any challenge that is put in front of me. This is not "just for fun" to me, I'm not only dealing with the thought of the fans thoughts but being with out my family is very difficult. I hope that alone show some commitment to the WWE. Mark O'Connell: And finally, do you have any messages for your fans? J.T. Tinney: Thank each and everyone of you for your support! It means so much. I hope all of you will see that I am here to become the next WWE Diva. The question that is asked of me the most is "do you want to wrestle or are you looking for another role?" I am here to wrestle, that is what WWE is, if I wanted to do something else I would not waste your time or my family's time going through this competition with intentions of anything less. Thank you for all of your time and support. Mark O'Connell: Thanks for taking the time to take part in this interview. I wish you every success in the WWE Diva Search Contest, and with your career!

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This exclusive interview with WWE Diva Search contestant J.T Tinney was conducted by Film-Reviews.net's webmaster Mark O'Connell.  It took place on Friday 14th July 2006.

Any information taken from this interview MUST be credited soley to www.Film-Reviews.net and may not be duplicated without permission.

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