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Hot off the success of 8 out of 10 Cats and his three-part 'Grows Up' travel show, comes Jon Richardson's latest live tour - 'Nidiot'.


As Jon deals with life in his thirties, he lets anxieties about fame, growing up, relationships and certain death around every corner inspire his material. While he's still inherently grumpy, Jon's outlook on life has certainly perked up a bit since he found a significant other.


When his girlfriend is introduced into Jon's meticulously clean and ordered environment, he finds even more fantastic sources for material. Being incredibly OCD, he manages to turn even mundane household chores into hilarious anecdotes.


Other highlights include his thoughts on snooker, coping with becoming a vegetarian, getting on a speedboat with a hangover, a Spaniards experience on a London train and a 48-hour holiday to Portugal.


Jon's down-to-earth, confessional style makes his stories all the more relatable, and there's plenty of laughs throughout. At almost 90 minutes, the show offers great value for money. As one of 2014's best live stand-up performances, Jon Richardson's 'Nidiot' should definitely be on your Christmas wish lists!






Jon Richardson - 'Nidiot' Live is available now to own on DVD and Blu-ray, released by Universal Pictures (UK). Also available on digital download.

Review by: Sarah O'Connell

Review Date: 3rd December 2014

Jon Richardson - 'Nidiot' Live


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Jon Richardson