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Hot off the heels of Jackass 3D comes Jackass 3.5. Rather than simply including a few extra scenes as is often seen in extended revisits, this is a brand-new take on the action. So much so that it is a genuinely worthwhile addition even if you own the original film.  


After a race through the streets of London, the opening scene involves Steve-O clamping a snapping turtle to his arse. The tone and humour of the film is set as he yells expletives as the animal chews into his scarred, tattooed flesh.


Instead of simply jumping from stunt to stunt, 3.5 also includes revealing behind-the-scenes commentary from the cast, as they open up about their anxieties before events. Even seemingly fearless members such as leader Johnny Knoxville shows his nerves, moments before firing a cannon into the backside of another unsuspecting colleague.  This alternate take on events makes a welcome change and proves that they are much more than just one-dimensional stuntmen. Albeit completely crazy ones who will do literally anything to entertain you.


New scenes include a dropkick to the face competition, Steve-O applying electricity to his genitals, an invisible Wee-Man terrorising passers-by, Bam Margera skateboarding through some drywall, a long jump enema, a treadmill skateboard ramp, fat suit snow sports, an electric limbo poll and many more.


A lot of the action really is edge of the seat stuff, such as “The Firing Gauntlet” where Steve-O tries to traverse a beam, avoiding swinging fireballs and the burning coals below.  The laughs come thick and fast too, even during seemingly innocent conversations. A particular favourite involves a seat malfunction.


Extra features include Jackass: The Beginning – a lengthy documentary featuring never before released footage of their first ever stunts. Also included are deleted scenes, outtakes and the Jackass European tour.


Packed with maniacal humour, insane stunts and a refreshing insiders glimpse into the minds of madmen, Jackass 3.5 is consistently entertaining. Definitely do try this at home (the film, not the stunts).

Review by: Mark O'Connell

Date: 13th June 2011

Jackass 3.5


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Jackass 3.5