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Exclusive Interviews

Not only do we provide the very latest reviews and news, we also bring you exclusive interviews with film cast and crew. Conducted by Sarah O'Connell, each interview is a Film-Reviews.net exclusive!


Actor / Comedian

Eddie Izzard

Torrie Wilson

Ric Flair

Big Show


WWE Superstar

Mick Foley

Kenny Baker


Actor (Red Dwarf)

Mac McDonald

WWE Superstar

WWE Superstar

WWE Superstar

WWE Superstar

Justin Whalin


4517993937_123x125.jpg HumanCentipede2

Dan Burman & Emma Lock

The Human Centipede 2


Cast & Crew  UK Premiere

The Inbetweeners Movie


Ben Kingsley & Martin Scorsese

Hugo - Press Conference

Tim Eric Square

Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim

Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie