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Directed by Perry Bhandal, ‘Interview with a Hitman’ stars Luke Goss (Blade 2, Death Race 2) as Viktor - a Romanian hitman with a curiously English accent.


We first join our eastern European protagonist as a child. Instead of being fearful when he crosses paths with local gangsters, he asks to join them.  Clearly impressed with Viktor’s own ruthless side, he is taken under their wing. Carrying out their orders without hesitation, the young hitman collects debts, spreads fear and puts a bullet in the head of anyone who doesn’t pay up.


Reaching adulthood, Viktor is betrayed and has to fake his death to start a new life in London. Finding work with a local gang, his fortunes seemingly change when he meets Bethesda (Caroline Tillette). However, Viktor learns the hard way that he cannot escape his dark past forever.


 ‘Interview with a Hitman’ is set in a merciless criminal underworld, where being killed isn’t even the worst that can happen. Because of this, it’s hard to entirely empathise with Viktor as he expertly dispatches his targets.


Stylishly shot in only 18 days, the film makes good use of flashbacks to explain Viktor’s motivations. For a low budget film, the shootouts are handled well.  The soundtrack is another highlight, complementing the unfolding drama.


‘Interview with a Hitman’ is ultimately a dark and complex tale. As the timelines interweave, it is certainly demanding of your concentration. Luke Goss is cool, calculated and believable as a professional hitman. He definitely proves himself as a leading man here, and could well be the next Jason Statham. Likewise, Perry Bhandal makes a promising directorial debut that is worth checking out.

Review by: Mark O'Connell

Review Date: 26th August 2012

Interview With A Hitman


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Interview with a hitman