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Harry Potter fans will be able to watch their favourite films at the series’ production home as Warner Bros. Studio Tour London launches its first ever Harry Potter Summer Screenings.


Every Monday and Tuesday from 7th July until 26th August, visitors to these exclusive screenings will begin by exploring the Studio Tour (which includes a chance to taste Butterbeer), before grabbing a hot snack, popcorn and a drink and then settling down in the Studio Tour’s cinema to watch their chosen film*.


Authentic sets, props and costumes from all eight films are showcased at the Studio Tour, including Harry Potter’s very first set of school robes, the wizarding shopping street Diagon Alley and the breathtaking model of Hogwarts itself.


Tickets must be pre-booked and are priced at £45 per adult and £37.50 per child. The package includes a ticket to the Studio Tour, a Butterbeer, a film ticket, a snack, popcorn or sweets and a soft drink.


In addition, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter will reveal how magical sports and wizarding games came to life on screen during its first Bludgers and Broomsticks feature. From Friday 18th July to Monday 1st September, visitors will discover how a combination of special and visual effects were used to create the illusion of flight and to make chess pieces move – and will get the chance to test green screen technology for themselves.


Head Prop Maker Pierre Bohanna’s team will demonstrate the techniques used to hand-craft broomsticks throughout the Harry Potter film series. After the debuts of the Nimbus 2000 and the Firebolt, in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets respectively, brooms were made to match their owners’ personalities – Arthur Weasley’s even features pedals and a seat from a Muggle bicycle!


The life-size wizard chess pieces from one of the many chambers that Harry encountered as he tried to find the Philosopher’s Stone will be on display in the Studio Tour’s backlot and a pawn will move across a checked board. A board game homage to Quidditch, entitled Snitch Snatcher!, was designed especially for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by Graphic Designer Miraphora Mina and this will be on display for the first time. Featuring a miniature replica of the Hogwarts pitch, the game includes cardboard models of the spectators’ stands for all four houses.


Some of the attraction’s knowledgeable staff members will don authentic Quidditch robes used in the Harry Potter film series. Visitors will get the chance to examine the costumes of Gryffindor and Slytherin players up close and fly on a broomstick in front of a green screen like a member of the cast.


The rattling ball crate, built by the Special Effects Team and used in the scene where Harry is first introduced to Quidditch by Gryffindor Captain Oliver Wood, will be showcased and the Bludgers will move as they did on set.


Tickets must be pre-booked at www.wbstudiotour.co.uk and all extra activities are included in the ticket price.

Summer at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter


27th June 2014

Harry Potter