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The world of big screen movies has been providing us with entertainment for many decades, with huge numbers of people flocking to cinemas in order to catch the latest blockbusters. In fact, this is an industry that makes billions of pounds every year thanks to our fascination and love for this type of entertainment. From horror and Sci-Fi through to comedies, romance, drama, and more, we all have our favourite genres when it comes to film.


Over the years, a number of movies have become so iconic – often because of the main character in the film – that they have impacted heavily not only in the world of film but also in other industries. In fact, these days the world of movies has close ties with a variety of other industries from the fashion and music industries through to the games and leisure ones.


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There are a number of different key industries and areas on which some of the most iconic and exciting movies of recent decades have had a profound impact. Some of the industries into which they have crossed over include:


• The Leisure Industry: These days, a variety of theme parks have rides that are based on movies or movie characters. This helps to bring the movies to life for those who try these rides for themselves. Universal Studios in Japan has the ‘Back to the Future’ ride, which was previously located in the Orlando theme park. Universal Studios in Hollywood boasts the ‘Jurassic Park’ ride while the Orlando park has introduced a Harry Potter themed ride. These are just a few of the many fabulous movie themed rides that can be found in theme parks around the world.


• The gaming industry: Another key area that has been impacted by movies – and particularly by movie characters – is the online games industry. You can see this when you go on games recommendation sites such as Fortune Palace, where you can find out about a range of games based on characters such as Spiderman, the Avengers, and Aladdin to name but a few. The popularity of games such as these has been further boosted by the rocketing use of advanced technology such as smartphones and tablets, which has provided fans with easier access to both movies and games even while on the move.


• Merchandising: When it comes to merchandise, the movies have penetrated just about every area you can think of. You can purchase everything from figurines of popular characters through to t-shirts, fancy dress outfits, lunch boxes, movie posters, duvet covers, and many other types of merchandise, all centred around particular movies or movie characters.


These are just some of the key areas into which the movie industry has spilled over and really made a mark over the years. For fans of the movies, this crossover into other industries is great news as it has provided them with a variety of ways through which to enjoy their favourite movies and characters.



The Effects of Movies on a Range of Different Industries


22nd June 2015

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