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Having first debuted in 1870s Paris, the latest interpretation of Coppélia is brought lavishly to life by the English National Ballet.


Coppélia tells the story of Dr Coppélius; an ambitious toymaker who makes a life-size mechanical doll. Determined to bring his creation to life, he requires a human sacrifice to complete the experiment. When local villager Franz sets eyes upon the doll on a balcony, mistaking it for a real girl, he becomes infatuated.























His fiancé Swanhilde isn’t best pleased and decides to learn more about this mysterious competition. Comedy ensues across three crowd-pleasing acts, culminating in a wedding celebration.


The wonderful solo and group choreography is complimented by Léo Delibes’ rousing score and a light-hearted tone throughout. The sets and costumes could have come from the pages of a classic fairy tale or Disney animated feature.


Whimsical and joyous, Coppélia is a perfect introduction to Ballet and is sure to enchant the entire family.

Review by: Sarah O'Connell

Review Date: 15th October 2014

Coppélia Review


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The Mayflower, Southampton

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