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The casino games that are popular in movies tend to reflect the current status of the games. The games that are popular today are not necessarily those that were popular in the past, which is not really surprising as the whole casino demographic has changed.


Casinos in Europe used to be places that appealed to the higher echelons of society, and almost exclusively males. The number of alternative games was few and the stakes were often high. Today European casino culture has filtered down to all social classes, and games such as slots dominate at places like iPhonecasino.ca where once the game of choice was chemin de fer in swanky upmarket land-based casinos. Just about every modern movie that features a casino shows countless rows of slot machines and slot machine scenes have been used to set the plot in a number of movies.


When Ian Fleming wrote his James Bond novels he depicted casinos as high class places where the players would wear smart lounge suits or tuxedos and the ladies glamorous evening gowns. The various James Bond movies have adopted a similar style, and in many of the most popular James Bond casino scenes he is shown thus attired playing high stakes chemin de fer. It is a sign of our modern times that in the favourite casino scene in the 2006 remake of Casino Royale the games has been transcribed from the original chemin de fer to Texas Hold’em poker.


However, make no mistake. Ian Fleming wasn’t always positive about his casino scenes. Just read his description of what a casino was like at three in the morning in the opening paragraphs of Casino Royale. He describes the mixture of sweat, smoke and scent as nauseating and describes how the senses are awakened and revolted by the soul erosion of high stakes gambling which he considers to be a compost of nervous tension, greed and fear. James Bond, however, thrives on it.

Which casino game is most prominent in cinema?


3rd Sept 2014

Casino Royale