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Once you have picked out the perfect movie to watch at the cinema or on Blu-ray, there is another equally important decision to make, and it involves snacks.


You’re certainly not drunk enough to brave the cinema hotdog and you still aren’t entirely sure what that nachos cheese is made from.  The connoisseur knows that there are only two sensible options: popcorn or chocolate. You kind of fancy both but don’t want your date to think you are going to eat them next.


Thankfully, Cadbury have come up with a blockbuster solution - chocolate covered popcorn! This melt in your mouth snack is suitably crunchy, chewy, soft and chocolaty. Available in 130g bags, it’s ideal for sharing and is even re-sealable. Though to be honest, once you have tried some, you probably aren’t going to stop munching until you run out. You see, not only is it a great idea, it’s flipping delicious too.  My wife has already added more to next week’s shopping list.


Priced at £2.03 per bag, Cadbury Popcorn is available from your local supermarket and most independent retailers.

Review by: Sarah O'Connell

Date: 19th July 2012

Cadbury Popcorn


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Popcorn 130g Bitesize Bag