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The Bush 42 Inch Full HD 1080p 3D LED TV certainly has great credentials at a glance, but how does it actually perform? We put it through its paces to find out!


Once unpacked and plugged in, you are greeted with the first time instillation set-up. Guiding you through a quick series of menus, you simply have to pick a language, select whether you'd like to find analog, digital channels or both, and then the automatic channel scan promptly begins. It does of course come with a handy quick start guide and full manual, but if you have any prior knowledge of TVs, you can safely brave it without them. Provided of course that you know where to plug in a TV aerial and any other devices that you may have!


In under five minutes of turning it on, all of the digital freeview channels had been tuned in and BBC One was on display. As the television provides full HD in 1080p, Blu-rays and video games both look fantastic. This brings us to the main attraction  - 3D TV, which means you can get the full cinema experience at home. The set conveniently comes with eight pairs of 3D glasses, which is ideal for large families or for entertaining guests. The glasses even come with two cloths to keep them spotless. I tried a variety of live action and animated films (Pixar’s always look particularly impressive) and was suitably impressed by the picture quality throughout.


If you don’t have a separate surround sound set-up, the television offers SRS TruSurround HD sound, which provides clear and balanced audio.


The menu is brightly coloured and allows you to adjust a multitude of settings for picture, sound, the channel list, external media sources, and general settings (clock, timer, parental controls etc). While I won't list them all, it's fair to say that the television offers complete control of your viewing experience. The default settings look great, so you needn't be put off if you'd rather not fine tune the set. There is also a quick menu, where you can conveniently adjust the picture mode, sound equalizer, favourites, sleep timer and power save mode. Very handy!


The set itself looks stylish with a slightly beveled edge and stand. The television also has 2 SCART sockets, 2 USB ports and a generous 4 HDMI sockets. There is even a PC imput, composite, headphone and AV socket. The remote control is lightweight and comfortable to hold. So really, no complaints whatsoever. In fact, the only functionality missing from more expensive models is Smart TV, which would enable you to stream media from the internet. But with Blu-ray players and consoles increasingly offering this, it isn’t of any concern.


For the price, size and functionality of the  set, the Bush 42 Inch Full HD 1080p 3D LED TV offers outstanding value and deserves top marks!



Review by: Sarah O'Connell

Review Date: 30th July 2013

Bush 42 Inch Full HD 1080p 3D LED TV


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