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Big Show Interview

M (Mark O’Connell): Hi. Nice to meet you. I’m Mark O’Connell from Film-Reviews.net. B: Good to meet you Mark! M: What do you think of your videogame likeness in Smackdown Vs. Raw? B: I’m actually really pleased with my character in the game. They have made me look pretty lean, which was good of them. I hope to get in that shape in time for my comeback in September. I think it’s amazing the things these guys can do. M: What is your personal favourite match or storyline? B: I really liked working with Brock in a stretcher match, and Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar in a triple threat a few years back. The match went on for over 40 minutes, which is testament to my conditioning. I’m usually a fifteen-minute match guy. I also had some long matches at World War Three. M: Do you have to prepare differently for longer matches? B: No, I keep myself in good shape all the time, and I’m pretty well conditioned. M: How often do you spend training? B: I train every day of the week. M: For how many hours a day? B: I train for about one and a half hours a day. M: Who came up with the idea for your dramatic WWE debut, bursting through the ring canvas? B: That was Vince. He comes up with a lot of great ideas. M: Because of your unique size you have been in some memorable situations. Especially when you slammed Rey Mysterio into a turnbuckle on a stretcher. Who came up with that? B: Me… that was me actually that came up with it. M: How did you know you’d be able to do it? B: Well, I’m a pretty strong guy, and I knew I could lift him. M: Another memorable occasion was when you were slammed off the top turnbuckle and the ring collapsed. Was the ring rigged? B: Actually it wasn’t, the support beam in the centre of the ring broke. The ring weighs over 6000 pounds. If you watch it, the ring collapsed in two stages, and you can see where the support broke. M: So that wasn’t planned? B: No, the end of the match was just supposed to me being slammed off the turnbuckle. M: Because that was a big deal in itself… B: Right.  We had a rematch the following week and the ring didn’t break. M:  Is there anything that you wouldn’t want to do? B: I wouldn’t want to do the crazy jumps like Shane does. M: Yeah, he has done some insane stuff… jumping off the titantrons, and leaping from one turnbuckle to the other. His matches are always worth watching. B: I tell you, he’s crazy. Shane is very talented though. He would do well as a professional wrestler in his own right. M: What do you think of John Bradshaw Layfield as the champion on Smackdown? B: I think it’s great. It’s something different. M: It certainly came as a surprise to a lot of people. B: Bradshaw is good at generating heat with the fans. M: Yeah, because people will actually buy Pay-Per-Views just because they want to see him loose. B. That’s right. M: Will you be going after Bradshaw when you return? B: I will be going after everyone. M: On a documentary you once said that when touching your wrists three times during your entrance, you were signalling to your wife that you loved her. I’ve noticed that you have since stopped doing it. Are things ok between you? B: Yeah, it was actually my wife that asked me to stop doing it. She wants me to concentrate on my job when I’m out there. A lot of guys actually do different signals. M: Really? B: Yeah; slapping their chests or touching their ears etc. M: Do you prefer being a heel or a face? B: Either. It makes no difference to me as long as I entertain. M: Which show would you rather be on? B: Smackdown, no question. Smackdown’s my baby. You know, there is genuine competition between the Smackdown and Raw shows. All the guys want to make their show the best. M: Smackdown has lost a lot of guys in recent months, and a few such as yourself and Kurt Angle are sidelined due to injury. Caused by you incidentally! Speaking of which, how did you do the stunt involving Kurt where you dropped him from a great height? B: I’ll never tell. M: (In a foreign accent) I have ways of making you talk! B: (Laughs) M: Because I figured you had crash mats down there, then as the camera panned down to show Kurt, they were removed and blood placed there. B: Actually you are way off. M: Interesting… did it involve a stunt double? B: Closer, but I’ll never tell! I’m going to take it to my grave! (Laughs) M: (Laughs) OK, fair enough. If you could face any wrestler, past or present, who would your dream opponent be? B: Andre the Giant, without question. I have been compared to him my whole career. But no one as big as me ever challenged him. M: How tall are you? B: I’m 7 foot, and Andre was about 7 foot 1- 7 foot 2. M: Hulk Hogan has wrestled both of you. Did you ever discuss how you compare with him? B: Yeah, I have done. You know, I am a lot more agile and quicker then Andre was, so it would be an interesting match. M: Yeah it would have been cool. Do you still keep in touch with Hulk? B: Yes, but he’s very busy right now, helping out with his daughters singing career. M: Have you got any messages for your fans at SmackdownVsRaw.com? B: For my fans? Yeah. Watch out for my return this September, where I’m going to make a huge f*cking impact on the Smackdown roster, and kick some ass! M: Thank you for taking the time to talk to me today - it’s much appreciated! B: You’re welcome!

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This exclusive interview with 7-foot WWE Superstar Big Show was conducted by Film-Reviews.net's webmaster Mark O'Connell. The Interview took place at the Sports Cafe, London on Thursday 8th July 2004.

Any information taken from this interview MUST be credited soley to www.Film-Reviews.net and may not be duplicated without permission.

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