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Best known as a regular on BBC2’s ‘Mock The Week’, Andy Parsons takes his unique brand of topical humour on tour for his new show ‘Gruntled’.  


Setting his sights on city bankers, politicians, tax cuts, British foreign policy, terrorism, religion and of course the audience, Andy makes some brilliant observations. He even comments on his somewhat unique voice and inability to do accents, including his own.


Even if you aren’t familiar with the particular government figure or policy that he is referring to, Andy’s delivery is so well-structured so that you’ll still get a laugh.

Andy also delves into his own history, candidly discussing illnesses, past performances and willing to make a joke of himself too. Fans of ‘Mock the Week’ will enjoy his insights into the show.


While rated 18 due to language, Parsons clever comedy is rarely offensive (unless your name happens to be David Cameron or Nick Clegg), and shouldn’t be off-putting to those adverse to the vulgar stylings of Jim Davidson and Roy Chubby Brown.


There are few comedians on the circuit focusing their act so primarily on political humour at the moment, and Andy’s show makes a refreshing change. Succeeding in being both consistently funny and interesting, ‘Gruntled’ is well observed and definitely worth a watch.

Review by: Mark O'Connell

Date: 14th November 2011

Andy Parsons - Gruntled


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