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On Stage

American actor Zach Braff (Scrubs and Garden State) recently made his UK stage acting debut in a new comedy, All New People. The witty play, written by Braff, is directed by award-winning Peter Dubois.


















All New People opened at the Duke of York’s Theatre on 22 February 2012. Before arriving in London for a strictly limited 10-week run. This angst-fuelled comedy saw New York’s Second Stage Theatre packed out nightly and received rave reviews from US critics, with its present day dilemmas and take on four very different characters way of life.


In the dead of winter, at his wealthy friends’ luxury Long Beach Island apartment, Charlie (Zach Braff) has hit rock bottom on his 35th birthday. Away from the rest of the world, this perfect escape is interrupted by a motley parade of misfits who show up and change his plans. A hired beauty, a fireman, and an eccentric British real estate agent desperately trying to stay in the country all suddenly find themselves tangled together in a beach house where the mood is anything but sunny, while Charlie just wishes they’d leave and let him get on with it.


Behind-the-scenes photos


All New People, the angst-filled comedy written by and starring Zach Braff, finishes its West End run in London tomorrow night.


With their last performance now impending, Braff and his co-stars Eve Myles, Susannah Fielding and Phil Hilton are giving fans one last chance to see inside the production - and their dressing rooms - with the release of a set of candid backstage photos.



All New People

Performing at:

The Duke of York's Theatre, London.