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If you ask anyone what their favourite action film of all time is, many of them would say ‘Die Hard’, with each of the original trilogy a success in their own rights. The storyline and the villains always offered something different, but also kept the film franchise intact and engaging for the audiences. However Hollywood being Hollywood, when a film franchise is doing well, it will always be milked within an inch of its life.


With a plot to match its predecessors, A Good Day to Die Hard promises more action than before, a 15 rating and an interesting plot. it should be a formula for success, but unfortunately this sequel does not live up to the standards set from the original films.


The story begins with Jack McClane (Jai Courtney) being arrested for an assassination in Russia. When his father John McClane (Bruce Willis) hears about it, he heads to Russia to find and rescue his estranged son. After a few explosions and an exciting high speed chase, the McClanes are reunited and Jacks true identity is uncovered – An undercover CIA agent sent on a mission to retrieve a ‘file’.


A Good Day to Die Hard lives up to its roots of large explosions, car/bike chases, villains (even if there are three), memorable quotes and action, but its thin plot and lack of character development are a let-down. However, if you are struggling for an easy birthday present for Dad, look no further. Yippee-Ki-yay Mother Russia!


Special Features include a commentary, deleted scenes, trailers, concept art and various behind the scenes clips.

Review by: Luke Pollard

Review Date: 2nd September 2013

A Good Day To Day Hard


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Good day Die Hard